The Music Box Industry Then And Now

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It has been over 200 years since the music box was invented in 1796. There were many influences, which impacted its development. It wasn’t until 1815 that the music box industry finally became organized on a company basis. Manufacturing practices and techniques made it possible to start producing them in 1840. However, only special designs with two or more combs or with mandolin combs were made. It wasn’t until 1860 that manufacturers began to think about mass production.

Initially, the qualities of manufactured music boxes were quite good. However, due to an increase in the rate of production, factories’ technology was unable to keep up and therefore the quality of music boxes was lowered.

In 1890, the disc machines that were made challenged the cylinder music box. Disc boxes became popular and were manufactured rapidly. Large quantities were produced over a period of 25 years until 1914 when World War I began. Due to the great need for accurate reproduction during the war (which greatly helped the on-going development of the phonograph), and the great capabilities of the gramophone, the need

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